Breakfasts - 65-130 UAH
Snacks - 55-170 UAH
Salads - 85-245 UAH
Main dishes - 60-200 UAH
Desserts - 25-105 UAH

The restaurant is open:
пн-чт: 9:00 до 22:00
Mo-Th, Su - 09:00-22:00,
Fr-Sa - 09:00-23:00

The menu for “Rodychі” was developed by the famous chef – Alexander Yakutov, specializing in the direction of modernized Ukrainian cuisine.

“For a guest, as for myself, this is exactly the task that stood before me after meeting this family. I saw how much effort and own soul each puts into this “child”. Therefore, I began to develop the menu by carefully studying the dishes that are cooked in this family and in general in the families of the central region, ” – says Alexander.

Special attitude in the restaurant to the products: “When you call in to your relatives everything tastes better, everything is so homemade and even the water is sweet. This is because the best is for dear guests! When waiting for relatives, they go to the market to trusted people whom you have known all your life. That is why local fresh produce is used in this kitchen, and meat for dishes and products is generally from its own farm. They do not save here: borsch is not a little pink soup, but a rich, real standard, with a piece of meat, with smoked sour cream and fragrant pampushkas, ”- Alexander says, and especially recommends to try Zhashkov’s salo, which is known for its taste the whole world.

The restaurant’s own production also includes bread and pickles, and guests can buy delicious sausage, boiled pork, lard, vodka and tinctures for gifts and at their own table. In “Rodychі” almost do not use semi-finished products, for example, dumplings with eight types of fillings are molded by hand just before serving to the guest. With the same care and make the freshest breakfasts – cheese cakes, pancakes, egg dishes.